Caring for Ourselves and Others with Nancy's House

Elissa and BettySeveral PersonLink staff and family members attended Untying the Caregiving Knot, a conference hosted by Nancy's House, on Saturday, November 15th. The conference featured both self-care and informational workshops, ranging from best mindfulness and nutrition practices to understanding the complexities of financing services for a loved one. Saturday was also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Nancy's House, which provides 1-day and 3-day respite retreats for caregivers and understands that properly caring for oneself while caring for others can truly add years onto a person's life. Nancy's House was founded by Elissa Lewin (left), pictured here with Betty Harrigan, our Family Support Services Supervisor.

PersonLink and Nancy's House will be looking for future opportunities to partner together, since we know how important the issues of caregiving and respite are to the family and loved ones of individuals we support. We invite you to join us at our next Family Advisory Committee meeting to help guide this and other future partnerships.