Open Letter to Consumers and Families

To our consumers and the families and loved ones who support them,

Today - and always - we celebrate you and all that you do. We thank you for being who you are, for choosing us to partner with in supporting you, and teaching us every day what true diversity and equity of opportunity can and should look like.

This March marks the 28th anniversary of the very first National Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month, proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987.  He said something then that is perhaps even truer today.  He said, “Americans are becoming increasingly aware that such disabilities need not keep individuals from realizing their full potential in school, at work or at home, as members of their families and of their communities.”

We at PersonLink are committed to translating President Reagan’s words into action.  We envision a world in which all people have socially-valued roles and ready access to the services they need, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support you as we all work toward this goal together.

Please join us on March 18th for our Family Advisory Committee meeting, a time we reserve for connecting as a community over dinner, reflecting on our progress, and strategizing on how to achieve an even brighter tomorrow.  You can find more information and details on how to RSVP here.

Can’t make it to the meeting, but want to stay involved?  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest on what we’re up to. And of course, we wish you a dignified and fulfilling Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month.  We’ll be thinking of you with our gray ribbon pins on!

Thanks for being an inspiration,

Sara Molina-Robinson & Stephen Davis
Managing Director of Social Services at PHMC & Program Director of PersonLink