Danielle Marino Receives Points of Transformation Award

Points of Transformation 2015On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015, PersonLink Supports Coordinator Danielle Marino accepted the 2015 Award of Excellence for Service/Supports Coordination at the DBHIDS Points of Transformation Awards, an event that honors those who have committed their careers to supporting individuals with intellectual disAbilities. Pictured at left with Danielle, PersonLink Program Director Stephen Davis said, “Success is about a person’s core values manifesting through behaviors and attitudes. Danielle has consistently demonstrated through her daily actions and work ethic that her core values are shaped around helping people be the best they can be, do they best they can do, and experience the fullest life they can experience. As a direct result, Danielle has achieved an exemplary level of success and set the standard to which we all here at PersonLink aspire.”

PersonLink is so proud of Danielle and humbled by her commitment to go the extra mile for the individuals she supports. Read on for Danielle’s full nomination:

Danielle has a mild, non-assertive appearance; however, she is passionate and assertive when she needs to be, especially when it involves someone who does not have a voice to speak for themselves. She is very patient and kind – not only with her individuals, but with their family members, as well. She is a great advocate and always goes to great lengths to get quality services for her individuals.

Danielle worked tirelessly to arrange care for an individual following his hospital discharge. He needed intensive care at home which the family couldn’t provide and most providers were unwilling to take the risk. She would not give up and eventually found a provider, “Health Care Stat,” that was willing to start care immediately and welcome him home. He is doing well and on the road to recovery due to Danielle’s efforts and the support services she provided to his overall wellbeing.

She spends quality time with her individuals, taking them on trips and involving them in the community. One of Danielle’s individuals who lives alone has some challenges with her independence. Her serious health issues have to be monitored and her love for bargain shopping often creates a problem in her apartment. Her living space often requires major clean-up and clutter control. Danielle rolls up her sleeves, scrubs the bathroom, and creates a healthy living environment. She makes sure all her individuals have the ability to live an everyday life.